Paradise Valley

It is a hamlet, over crowded at the moment with town squares filled with people going about their day, Hawkers and street venders selling wares with a cacophony of sound there are hundreds of people packed into a town that isn’t designed for them.

Near by is a swamp which has Fire Iris growing in it, a wooded area where Dragonsbane flower grows & a set of mountains where giant eagles live


The Broken Blade: The inn is a single story timber framed building, with a large cellar. A motley of luck charms and talismans hangs from the ceiling. There are 4 rooms all taken but due to the insurge of people the Innkeeper has set up several wooden cots in the cellar. The innkeeper is a young female dwarf named STALL ANNELIESE

The Flaming Breath: The inn is a large single storey timber framed building, with a small fenced yard and dwarf-wrought iron tables and chairs. A small dragon's skull hangs over the hearth. Accommodation are a serious of rooms. The innkeeper is an older human name ERHART POWELL. Thought Erhart is a nice guy he doesn't have a good control over the bar.

The Thirsty Spirit: The inn is a large two-storey timber framed building, with carved wooden doors. Accommodations consist of several small rooms with beds and woolen mattresses. The innkeeper is a charming male Halfling named MASAMBA OE.



Mr. Marisco’s Marvellous Magical Market: A magic item shop run by MARCUS MARISCO. 

Clothing Store: where Flayke bought clothing

Market Stalls through the centre of town




Paradise Valley

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